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How it all began

10 000 years ago, the highest parts of Åland rose from the sea. It was the highest mountains in Saltvik, Orrdalsklint, Kasberget and Långbergen. At the time, they were just small islet far out in the Yoldia Sea.

The first people came here 6 000 years ago and settled in what today is known as Långbergsöda. They came from the east and lived here seasonally, mostly to hunt seals.

It was a major achievement to cross the big sea. The distance was over 100 kilometres as the crows fly. Stone Age people were evidently competent in sailing and navigating.

At that time nature looked totally different than it does today. The climate was as in the Mediterranean and the forests were dominated by deciduous trees.

How did they live?

Stone Age people lived mobile lives as hunters and fishermen. They moved around depending on where they could catch their prey.

During Stone Age seals lived in the Baltic Sea, and they were the most important prey for the settlers. The settlers also hunted sea birds and small game, fished and collected eatable plants.

Stone Age people lived in huts with round floors. They cooked, made tools and did most of their chores outside the huts.