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Travel a millennium back in time

The calm in Kvarnbo, a village in Saltvik, changes every year on the last weekend in July. This is where the biggest Viking Market in Finland is launched. For three whole days, the village is invaded by Vikings from all over Europe, with everything that goes with it in terms of food, drink and entertainment. Viking Age took place a millennium ago – take the chance to experience it for a day!

The Viking Market is an adventure for all ages

The market is held the last Thursday - Saturday in July. It opens at noon and doesn’t close until midnight both Thursday and Friday. On Saturday the Market closes at 6 pm.
In the evenings you can see fire shows and of course the whole village will be full of Vikings.
There is also nice food and drinks in the Viking Market, for example beer, wine, meat, lamb sausage, chicken legs and small pancakes. See more details about the Viking Market here.

If you have any questions about the Viking Market, please call + 358 (0)457 342 75 00 or send an email to

Viking Feast

Groups are welcome to the village to experience a real, Viking Feast. Please call + 358 (0)457 342 75 00 or send an email to for more information.

Theme days

The Vikings in Saltvik also arranges theme days for school children. If you are interested, please contact Bengt Roberts, mobile phone +358-(0)457 342 75 00.