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The Saltvik archipelago

The archipelago north of Saltvik is perhaps the most beautiful one in Åland. Closest to land are the big islands Boxö, Sommarö, Flatö and Ryssö. Beyond, the horizon opens up and after passing Saggö it is more or less unbroken.

There are several abandoned fishing villages in the Saltvik archipelago. They derive from the time when herring fishing was the livelihood for many people.
The archipelago population peaked around the year 1900. People lived in the fishing villages year-around. In winter the equipment was overhauled and they hunted seals. When spring came they fished for whitefish, and during late summer, herring.

The most important fishing village in northern Åland was Rannöarna. The place is special, since there are several old fishing sheds left to describe what life was like. Besides, Rannöarna are well worth a visit. These barren and solitary islands are the last outpost Åland has in north.

Länsmansgrund is a nature reserve and a birds paradise. In the harbour bay is a cottage with two beds, where anyone can spend the night.  

Other gems well worth a visit are:

  • Saggö island with its ruins
  • Hundklobben with its characteristic silhouette and
  • Hamnö, where the biggest oak in Åland is growing

Don’t you have a boat? Below are links to boats that can take you and your party to the archipelago.