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Vår kock Jessica Eriksson nominerad till pris

Jessica som arbetar som kock vid Prästkragen daghem är nominerad i kategorin Nordic Food for Children and Youth i Embla food award i Oslo, Norge, den 20 juni 2022.

”Åland - Daghemmet Prästkragen/ Jessica Eriksson

Jessica is a role model for the children at the daycare center Prästkragen in Saltvik. She prepares nutritious and healthy food of great variety. With the kids in mind she invites them to find the joy of food, inspires them to dare to try new things. Everything is prepared from scratch from locally produced raw materials. She offers everything from traditional dishes and also keeps an eye on new trendy flavors. She bakes all bread herself. The children and staff are welcome to provide feedback and suggestions /wishes. She puts a lot of love and care into everything she does. She also spends a lot of her free time to give the food an extra silver lining, for example through serving berries she has picked herself. Her food is colorful, fresch and she always uses ingredients of the season. She is a lovely girl with a big heart, ambition and she always goes that extra mile to make everyone feel good. For example, she invites parents to breakfast (with home-baked bread as usual) on Mother's and Father's Day. She is also an expert at keeping the budget despite high quality food!”

Vi önskar henne stort lycka till!

Publicerad 13.6.2022
Uppdaterad 13.6.2022